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What to do once quarantine is over?

What to do once quarantine is over?

With the plague of COVID-19, most people in most countries have been quarantined to help flatten the curve of the spread of the virus. With that, everybody will be itching to travel, itching to get out of their quarantined home, itching to be able to enjoy the outside world and itching to socialize with other people.

But we must be very careful when traveling after this quarantined season as well but worry not, we got your back with steps you can take to travel safely, join us!

1. Make sure the spot you want to travel to is no longer a danger zone to visit.

  • Keep in mind that different country handles this season differently.
  • Check via news to make sure the spots you go to is no longer red zone.

2. Make sure to add these essentials into your luggage 

  • Wipes, hand sanitizer, face mask to be clean throughout your journey of traveling 
  • Better to be safe in cleanliness than to be sorry  
  • Don’t hoard, you only need just enough 

3. Make sure to practice hygienic habits throughout traveling

  • This season has taught us that your hygiene is your responsibility  
  • Make sure you are always sparkly and clean  

4. Continue to practice social distancing even when you are traveling 

  • We don’t mean have zero socialization, we mean distancing physically 1 meter away from strangers and the sick  
  • You can still make friends one meter away for sure 

5. Travel with gratitude! 

  • You are finally out of your quarantined life; you get to enjoy the endless possibilities of the world now!  
  • Go tick off that bucket list of yours by doing bold things! 

The world is not ending, it is just pausing for a reset. A reset for normalcy, a reset for life, a reset for your traveling desires.  

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