Ways to celebrate Raya MCO 3.0 without balik kampung

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2021 will be the second Raya to celebrate the new normal way, as Malaysia is under our 3rd nationwide Movement Control Order until 7th June. Many Malaysian Muslims will be celebrating Raya away from their hometown. But we have some of the best ways to make your Raya celebration feel more like Raya this year other than the usual food and cookies because we know you got that covered! Here are some best ways to celebrate Raya more festively:  


1. RAYA Decorations!  

First up are the decorations! What is celebration without Raya decors to ramp up the festive atmosphere? The whole process of putting up decorations and making them is the most therapeutic time to passyour time and get your space Rayaready until the time comes to celebrate 

Get creative and crazy with your Raya décor!  


2. Blast Raya music! 


Photo credit: fixelgraphy  


Music is the next best thing to have to set a festive mood instantly, instead of driving back hometown with Raya songs during the road trip, you can now blast Raya music all day long wherever you are celebrating. If you are a music creative, you can also make Raya songs just for fun! 


3. Have an OOTD Raya shoot! 


Photo credit: Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee 


Don’t be in your pajamas or house clothes for Raya, because nothing screams boring especially when it’s Raya and you are not dressed up in your best OOTD for the festivities! Clean up, strike a pose, and post on social media to join everyone else on the showcasing Raya celebration!  


4. Schedule your video calls! 


Photo credit: Beci Harmony  


If you have a huge family, scheduling a time to video call everyone altogether would be wise. Without scheduling your virtual calls, you will be getting multiple calls from different people and family members, this way everybody gets to celebrate all together through the screens! 


Set your Raya ambiance to feel like Raya like always even when you are near or far from loved ones just with a new normal festivity