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Top 6 food products to buy at Don Don Donki Malaysia

Top 6 food products to buy at Don Don Donki Malaysia

The 1st Japanese Discount Chain Store, Don Don Donki is finally in Malaysia and they so happen to be our opposite neighbor just at Lot10, Bukit Bintang! 

People have been queueing for hours just to get in and shop for hours in their 3 floors store-wide Japanese goods, but if you need help picking their best food items and where they locate, here’s a few everyone’s most favorite pick of food products to get (in the order of individual floors): 

Ground Floor has all the groceries, snacks and fresh fruits like: 

  1. Fresh Strawberry 
Photo credit: 翻转大马吃喝玩乐 Eat Pray Love (Facebook) 

Don Don Donki has the most gorgeous looking strawberries ever! They have Fresh Japanese Strawberry all the way from Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. All of their strawberries have firm smooth texture with sweet berry scent that are sweet, slightly juicy and delectable to the mouth. 

  1. Kit Kat  
Photo credit: 翻转大马吃喝玩乐 Eat Pray Love (Facebook) 

This famous discount chain store is the best spot to get your favourite Kit Kat flavour from the floor to ceiling shelving of all things Kit Kat, they even have Kit Kat Sake! You won’t be disappointed here as you can find flavours that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.  

  1. Umaibo 
Photo credit: The Smart Local 

Umaibo is a famous Japanese snack made out of corn that is crunchy and addictive. With different flavours you get to choose from Corn Potage, Cheese, Mentaiko to Vegetable Salad, the majority’s favourite is Corn Potage flavour. With adorable and inviting packaging that calls you to buy & eat them, it is the first snack you should try here. 

  1. Yellow Apple Juice 1Litre 
Photo credit: Shopee 

A juice that has been the topic of all juices is Don Don Donki’s Yellow Apple Juice. It is everyone’s all-time favourite juice from the store as it is made with 100% juice from fresh apples. The taste of the juice has mellow aroma and unique sweetness that is best enjoyed when chilled or paired with breakfast. 

1st Floor is the place of meat goodness & ready-to-eat sushi/sashimi like: 

  1. Quality Beef 
Photo credit: 翻转大马吃喝玩乐 Eat Pray Love (Facebook) 

Don Don Donki is not only famous for their Japanese snack but they have a wide variety of quality Yakiniku Wagyu Beef also known as Japanese Beef, you can now find affordable Wagyu to cook at home and enjoy quality and luxurious meat as compared to going to expensive Yakiniku restaurants.  

  1. Fresh Salmon Nigiri  
Photo credit: 翻转大马吃喝玩乐 Eat Pray Love (Facebook) 

Don Don Donki is known to have their ready-to-eat sets of food like sashimi and sushi sets. The fresh looking and enticingly beautiful orange to pink salmon all the way from Japan is a must and the to-go food to get when you’re at this place. People all around the world rave about them!  

Where is the first Don Don Donki Malaysia? 

Where? Just right opposite WOLO! 

Address ?: 

50, Bukit Bintang St, Bukit Bintang, 

55100 Kuala Lumpur 

Operating hours: 

10am – 10pm (Daily) 

The best way to enjoy the fullest 3-floors experience of Don Don Donki shopping, you can shop at Don Don Donki at Lot10 and rest at WOLO after your full day of shopping with our 20% off room booking promo code: ‘LIVEBOLD20’ (stackable promo on existing deals).  

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