Netflix Top 3 February’s must-watch wholesome shows

As Malaysia’s lockdown persist throughout 2021’s February, it is also our favourite time to binge watch series and movies on Netflix during the lockdown. We have the top picks of wholesome binge worthy series that you’ve got to watch before February ends if you haven’t!  

Trust me you won’t feel bad or shitty for binging these series or the movie after the series because I say these are ✨ quality ✨ content. 

Firefly Lane (Season 1)  

On Netflix since February 3rd, 2021 

Photo: Netflix 

Firefly Lane by Netflix is based on the popular novel by Kristin Hannah. It’s a story of 2 friendships of 3 decades and the roller coaster ride that came with life through teenagerhood to adulthood of these 2 girls. The series depicts real life situations and the twist and turns of their individual choices as each other’s friends.  

To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean  

On Netflix since February 12th, 2021 

Photo: Katie Yu/Netflix 

The latest popular high school romantic comedy with Asian representatives in Western film popped on Netflix this month! To All the Boys is based on Jenny Hans’ young adult books, this is the third and latest film out the trilogy films. Binge watch the other 2 firsts ones To All the Boys before you do with this because it will make you want to write love letters to your bae. 

New Amsterdam (Season 1 & 2) 

On Netflix since February 15th, 2021 

Photo: Will Hart/NBC 

The best and most wholesome medical drama hands down go to New Amsterdam by NBS on Netflix. It’s a series of a medical director breaking the rules and system of America’s oldest public hospital, in the heart of saving lives and covering every aspects of social issues. Get ready to be showered with feelings of warmheartedness, tears and faith in humanity. 

These are the series and movies that will not waste your time during the lockdown as they are perfect for cosying up in front of your TV before we enter a whole new month, hoping for better months ahead.  

Live Bold, 

WOLO Kuala Lumpur.