Mother’s Day last minute unique gifts

Mother’s Day is today and if you don’t know what to do today for your mom or your baby’s mama yet, we have great last-minute ideas for you to celebrate the most wonderful woman in your life before the day endsInstead of the usual or common bouquet of flowers or chocolate gift for her, make this Mother’s Day extra special just for her for even at this last minute! 


1. DIY money bouquet  

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When it’s last minute, all hands are on deck to DIY as these things always need a few days or weeks of booking. But fret not, the trusty YouTube has all the tutorial you need on how to make one! Head on to the ATM for that cash money, go to YouTube and get started! 😉  


2. A shopping spree with gift cards!  

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Let your mama experience the shopping spree fun in Bukit Bintang with gift cards! Get her all of her favourite store’s gift card bundled in a gift worth however much you want to give from each store, this is the modern-day shopping spree gift you can gift for your mamas daily wear 


3. A staycation in the city for her at WOLO Kuala Lumpur 

If your mom has only been at home or work with nowhere else to travel to, gift her a staycation at WOLO Kuala Lumpur for a fresh view with new adventures in the city right in your own beloved country. Hotels are the next best place to stay in away from home throughout the year 


Staycation at WOLO Kuala Lumpur  

Stay in at the heart of the city with a different view in our Gold Room King for as low as RM226 


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