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Every love bird has been cooped up in isolation or unable to have any meaningful romance or even a memorable romantic night out of their own home away from kids or family. Restaurants are now packed with queues to accommodate strict SOPs, we spend more time waiting and reserving places that are always too full yet do not entirely comply with all SOPs.   

More than anything the pandemic has caused more breakups than ever due to the lack of romance in relationships and many more reasons, therefore these are the reasons why you and your bae need a romantic getaway to truly have the opportunity to find each other again in meaningful quality time.   

1. Private Romantic Getaways are exciting, fun & adventurous. 

Planning a getaway creates anticipation and excitement between lovers, it’s something that lets people look forward excitingly to the days to come other than the mundane daily routines. Getting to try new experiences heightens the excitement and adventurousness creating lasting memories to talk about and reminisce.   

2. Private Romantic Getaways are stress relievers.   

Getting genuine connections and taking a break from daily responsibilities to have fun and enjoy the moment are genuine stress relievers. It’s a time to recharge from the daily conundrum of everyday stress. Getaways allow you to unplug and enjoy everything getting done for you. 

3. Private Romantic Getaways strengthen your relationship. 

Romantic getaways have the magic of getting lovers to fall in love again or fall deeper in love with one another. A new environment allows them to not only spend quality time together but also let them improve their communication with one another through the getaway, creating stronger and healthier love by reconnecting.   

4. Private Romantic Getaways are necessary for a healthy relationship. 

Lack of romance in a relationship can be the missing thing for your relationship. Getaways allow you to be appreciative of current life and the opportunities you get to even take a break from the hustling of life. Setting time aside to focus on each other creates space for growth within one another that promotes a healthy relationship. 

5. Private Romantic Getaways strengthen and rejuvenate intimacy.   

Getaways create space for more intimacy and romantic moments as compared to normal days. It helps spice up your love life with your bae with all the time you can spend with each other in an intimate setting. These settings bring lovers closer than ever before and reignite the romance back again. 

6. Private Romantic Getaways make people feel more comfortable.   

A private romantic getaway will comply with social distancing and give couples the private space to be as comfortable as they want to be in a private space. The pandemic has caused lots of changes and one of them is people’s need for adventures, love and social demands are higher than ever due to isolation hence this is the best solution for a social distancing dining space. 

Convinced that a private romantic getaway is what you need? We’ve got you covered with our Dinner Date In Room only at WOLO Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang

What does Dinner Date In Room have:  
– Private Romantic Dinner for 2pax worth RM218 
– A bottle of Balduzzi Reserva Merlot Wine OR Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay worth RM150 
– One (1) valet parking at WOLO Hotel worth RM30 
 Free 2D1N WOLO Gold Room Stay with Romantic Decoration worth RM355 

Originally priced at RM753 and now only at RM398

Find out more or book yours here

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